Passion and technology in N gauge

Doms MoBa

On this website I would like to give you a little insight into my little world of model railways. For example, I will present my own layout, built from segments.


In addition, a large part of the website is designed with parts from my YouTube channel Dom´s MoBa Channel including the video series Arduino and Done in 60 Seconds


These videos will be gradually translated into English and made available here. Therefore, the English website may differ slightly from the German one.


I hope you have fun here and find a few suggestions for implementing the most beautiful hobby in the world.


In this area I present the current status of my system. The current expansion covers approx. 6 square meters. So far, around 35 m of track have been laid and 24 points have been installed. These are equipped with a servo drive.


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Tips and Tricks

Under the heading Tips and Tricks I will show you little things from my handicraft day. Build little trees, manufacture cargo, construct railroad roofs, track maintenance, control the model railroad, ...


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In the Arduino part I have linked the videos in which I explain step by step the programming of various Arduino projects. You can also find the corresponding program examples here.


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Done in 60s

Done in 60 seconds. Here, the name speaks for itself. Little helpers from MoBa's everyday life are presented in 60 seconds of videos.


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Trade fairs and more ...

This page lists all videos about trade fairs, shop visits, production tours or other leisure activities.


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You can find all kinds of useful information and links under Goodies.

E.g. standards for platform heights or for track distances.


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I regularly publish videos on the subject of model railways on my YouTube channel. If you subscribe to my channel there and click on the bell, you will be informed about all new videos.


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