In the "Done in 60 seconds" series, small tips and tricks from MoBa everyday life are explained in 60 seconds.

Clearance profile

In order to have enough space for the trains on all parts of the route, you can orientate yourself on the clearance profile of the NEM102 and NEM103. So that we don't always have to unpack the caliper, we create a little space here.

Arduino Nano on a socket


That I like to install one or the other Arduino on my system should be known. So far I've always soldered these things directly to the components. But if someone says goodbye, it means a lot of work to swap them.



It's easier if you use the Arduino Nano in conjunction with a socket.



The term texture actually comes from the fabric industry and describes the fabric structure.

The term is meanwhile also used for graphics which represent different surfaces.

With an online search you can find tiles, wood, concrete, steel, water ...


If you use these textures skillfully, you can save yourself some expensive plates from model railway accessories.