Here I show you how I make sure that my tracks, locomotives and wagons are and stay clean.

First, I'll show you my utensils (there aren't that many).

Below I have embedded a video which shows how I proceed.

Der Schienenreiniger:

This combination of mover, cloth and cleaning agent is ideal. This gently cleans and polishes the rails.

The detergent can also be used to clean wheelsets.



The cleaning cloth is made of high quality wool which cannot be electrostatically charged. The wool is smoothly woven and therefore only sticks slightly to the Velcro tape, which is intended.

Fabrics that have a rough surface and therefore adhere better to the Velcro tape are not suitable, as they have a lot of lint and fluff and get stuck in the rails, especially at switches and connections.

The cleaning fluid is alcohol-based

and contains the finest rock powder, so that the dirt is bound when cleaning and a polishing effect is achieved.



Apply the cleaning cloth to the mover, moisten the cleaning cloth lightly (approx. 2 shots) with the cleaner. Rub over the tracks with light pressure.


to the Schienenreiniger

Wheelset cleaning system:

The wheelset cleaning system can be used to clean the wheelsets of locomotives that use the same wheelsets to drive and to draw power.



The Tsugawa wheel cleaner is characterized by its electrically conductive sponge, which polishes the locomotive wheels rather than scratching them. Traction tires are not damaged if used properly.

The special sponge conducts electricity and thus cleans the rotating wheels of locomotives particularly gently.



The 2 cables can be connected to the track system or a transformer. The function is therefore guaranteed for both analog and digital locomotives. Connect the alligator clips to the rail and place the locomotive on the wheel cleaner. The speed can be regulated via the transformer. The locomotive should be held on the wheel cleaner with light pressure.

In addition, the sponge can be soaked with cleaning agent.


to the wheelset cleaning system

TOMIX cleaning trolley

I only use the Tomix cleaning trolley as a vacuum cleaner. I have the digital version of DM-Toys. In the case of digitally controlled systems, the installation of a decoder is recommended as the motor quickly becomes too hot with the high track voltage.


to the TOMIX cleaning trolley in N-Gauge

to the same in H0-gauge

HERKAT Reinigungswagen

Der herkat Reinigungswagen hat ein Behälter in den eine Reinigungsflüssigkeit gefüllt werden kann. Diese Flüssigkeit tränkt ständig ein Filztuch welches an der Unterseite des Wagen angebracht ist. Durch ein Blech drückt dieses Tuch ständig, leicht auf die Gleise.