Required material:


First the dachshunds of the cable ducts are shortened to length.



Then the LED strips are cut to size. Attention: most ribbons have soldering points at regular intervals. These should be placed in places where the cables can be hidden later.


I added a small building from the remains of my roofing under which the pedestrian underpass comes up. The cables are also hidden in these.


In the platform, holes are drilled in the large one of the stems at regular intervals. Make sure that these holes are vertical, otherwise the stems are crooked and that looks POOP.

Now glue the stems in with a little white glue.

When the glue has dried, the stems can be shortened. I am only now shortening the holes because the depths of the holes are different and some stems do not reach the bottom of the hole.

I chose the dimension 30.5mm. (Track N)

Then just bring the cables under the plate, connect and put the cover on the "pillars".


Now, of course, the platform can be decorated as you like.